Your Husband Is Your Lover And Your Lord

Until we understand the intricacies of what affords one an experiential heaven on Earth marriage and home, we will keep struggling doing everything we think we should do to have a blissful home and yet we might still not have it. People don’t necessarily get what they desire or want by just working  hard for it,  they get what they want by knowledge, knowing what exactly to do to deliver same to them.

Having an idea of what you want is good, however knowing how to take delivery of what you want is much more important. A whole lot of persons had wished, prayed and do all they know to do to  enjoy blissful home, yet it seems it’s just a mirage that can’t be attained.

There is need for you to understand that there are principles that effortlessly delivers blissful marriage and home to people and one of such is the understanding that your husband is your lover and Lord , there is a dimension that your understanding of your husband being your lover will give you, however, that is probably the only dimension many wives get to enjoy, there is a more powerful and deeper dimension of your husband that you need to enjoy and that can only come on the strength of your understanding of him also being a Lord.

I ask you this, what do you think will be the rate of divorce if wives treat their husbands with at least the same honor they accord their pastors?

What will be the outcome of a marriage that the wife references and holds her man in high esteem just like she does the clergy men?

There is a way  you relate with your husband ,regard and honour him as your Lord  that  propels some strange and depth of of love towards you that you will not ordinarily get if you just relate with him as your lover.

I guess someone is saying I can’t relate to my husband as my Lord , he does not  deserve it, you see, actually you  are not doing this because of him, you are doing it as unto the Lord, you don’t necessarily do things because you feel like doing it, you do because you know should do and it will be the right thing to do.

At this juncture, I like to balance this teaching, our definition of who a Lord is in the Kingdom is quite different from what the world defines it to be.

A Lord in this kingdom do not demand the right of Lordship, a Lord in this Kingdom is actually known by his level of service , the more you regard and esteem him, the more he realizes that no man takes the honour to himself, hence, serves the wife the more, with all maner of care , attention and respect.

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