You Deserve The Best Romantic Relationship

Hope you have not given up on having a blissful relationship that will lead to an excellent marriage, hope you are not part of those folks that think an excellent marriage is a mirage, i need to ask you if your past experiences with people that claimed they loved and cherished you who latter disappointed you at the end, has not put your back against the floor?

Hope you have not given up on yourself in terms of having a great romantic relationship; I want to believe that you have not accepted relationship heartbreaks and disappointments as your fate.

I might not know your story, what you have gone through when it comes to romantic relationships, but I will not hesitate to tell you what I know about you, I know you deserve the best marriage, because that’s what God wants for you.

No matter the state of your life at the moment, I don’t care if you think you are not qualified for a blessed and beautiful soul as a future spouse by the reason of what you have gone through in life that seems your life is battered, all i care about is that he that created you wants the very best for you.
I won’t agree with you that because it seems you are now getting old as a bachelor or bachelorette you have to settle for just any man/ woman that comes your way, oh no, you deserve just the very best.

Never settle for less, take these 4 bold steps and your desired relationship will be a reality;

  1. SEE IT: Your ability to see what you want is key in getting it, you must consciously start seeing with the eyes of your mind the kind of relationship you desire, you must see clearly and it must be so real to you. If you can’t see it, you can have it.
  2. BELIEVE IT: Until it registers in your sub conscious mind that you have believed what you are seeing, even if you keep professing it , it won’t work. You must get to a state where you call things that are not as though they were. At this state you move God to action.
  3. ACT ON IT: You need to act on the kind of relationship you are seeing and have believed, by taking practical steps. For you to attract the kind of relationship you want and function maximally as a wife/ husband, you must consciously work on your womanhood/ manhood, develop yourself to a level that you are confident of you. Read books, attend seminars and trainings and very importantly, go to the kind of place your dream man/ Lady is.
  4. PRAY ON IT: Come to think of it, why worry when you can pray.

I value and love you big.

Taiye Emmanuel Abiodun
Author, Diary of an Intentional Lover

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