Woman, Why Can’t You Seduce Your Husband?

Bishop David Oyedepo said, it’s not just enough to know that through prayer we can communicate with God and make demand for all we need, it’s also very important that we know how to make delivery of what we ask him.

So also, I say to you, woman, it’s not just enough for you to know that you are entitled to all the care, love, romance and most importantly sexual intimacy from your husband, but it’s very important to know how to get it from him.

It’s so unfortunate that most women don’t know how to seduce their husbands, they can not make them have sex with them when, where and how they want it.

Woman, if all you know to make him supply you the care, love and sexual intimacy you desire and deserve is to study the bible, rattle in tongues and attend all the church programmes then I like to tell you that you still have a long way to go. Seducing your husband is a practical and very effective method at your disposal and it’s as godly as praying.

Before I go too far, i might need to give the meaning of the word seduce to make you know that even as the wife of a Bishop, it’s not a sin to seduce your husband.

So, seduce means:

  1. To entice or induce someone to engage in a sexual relationship.
  2. To win over or attract someone.

Having known what it means to seduce, I’m sure you will henceforth maximize this practical and effective method to get your husband supply you the love and sexual intimacy you desire and deserve.

How Then Can You Seduce Your Husband?

1 Make him respect you.
2 Be creative.
3 Be sexy and smart
4 Be intentional and proactive.

Let’s take them one after the other…

  1. Make him respect you: The first step to seducing your husband is to make him hold you in high esteem, sees you as a friend, partner, lover and mother not just a wife.

And this you can achieve by developing yourself spiritually and mentally.

Be a woman of power and stamina in the spirit that he can run to for support when life challenges seems too hot for him to handle and be knowledgeable in his line of work and things that interest him so that your advice and inputs when you converse will be full of grace.



  1. Be creative and Innovative: I like to define creativity as thinking up new things while innovation is doing new things. When last have you thought of new ways to prepare your husband’s meals? Have you ever thought of varieties of food you can serve him, must it be the same type of food always? Wait a minute, who says you can’t serve him his meal and he will be forced to ask you if you are expecting the Governor of your state.

When last did you change the settings of your sitting room and most importantly your bedroom? Woman, be creative and innovative and you are on your way to getting what you want from him.

  1. Be Sexy and Smart: Who says you can’t dress sexy for your husband? Who told you the lies that to dress sexy is synonymous to nudity? I wonder why you can’t dress smart for him.

Can’t your hair be sexily (attractively and appealingly) made? Woman, work on your pose, the way you walk, talk, carry your bag. Your femininity is a gift, work on it and use it to get the love and sexual intimacy you desire and deserve from your husband.

  1. Be Intentional and proactive: Step 1 to 3 are things you must consistently do, they must be part of you if this last step will work out. It’s the make up of men to be the pursuer, to initiate and ask for sex, but it’s not out of place for you as his wife to initiate sex when you want it.

I’m of the opinion that the possibility of you two having a great sexual experience when you seduce him to have sex with you is high, because, for you to have been the one that initiated it, it means you are emotionally ready, mentally alert and physically fit for sex.

So, woman, be intentional,ask him for sex. Wait a minute, I hope you know that the way to intentionally ask him for sex is to speak his Love Language(s) and Sex Languages(s).

For example, call him while he is still at work, using bedroom voice to tell him his woman is waiting for him, tell him you are putting on that particular dress (I’m sure you know it’s not Buba and Iro I’m talking about. Winks) just to be seen by him alone.

I won’t fail to tell you that, even with all this knowledge, without God you can do nothing. If you want to enjoy a blissful relationship and thrilling sexual relations with your spouse, you need to have a relationship with God through his son Jesus.

I love and celebrate you greatly.


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