Where is My Husband?

If only you can be attentive enough, you will discover that the question “where is my husband” is the cry of some married women. It could be so disheartening and frustrating for a woman to be living in the same house with her husband and yet her soul is crying out bitterly, where is my husband, where is the man I fell in love with? This seems to be the challenge of that beautiful wife of the wealthy, powerful, influential and key man of Pharaoh- Mr Potiphar.

On the surface, what transpired between Mrs Potiphar and Mr Joseph Jacob is just another story about a lecherous villainess tempting God’s chosen. But just like a well cut diamond, there is more than one facet to consider when looking at it deeply. Gen 39:7-12 Mrs Potiphar, though had all the wealth, enjoyment, honour and authority as the wife of one of the most powerful men in her time, she was lacking the Basic needs that every woman desire and deserve.

Mrs Potiphar felt lonely, she felt neglected, she was starved of attention, romance and sexual intimacy. So she attempted to get what she was deprived of from Mr Joseph, which of course is very wrong and sinful. But the point is, Mr Potiphar was too important and too busy for her.

The aim of this piece is not to make you suspicious of your wife nor is it to approve this shameful act for wives, but to awaken and challenge you as a married man in respective of how occupied you are with your job to deliberately supply your wife with qualitative and quantitative attention, care, romance and the sexual intimacy she desires.
I like to leave you with this; Hope you are not too important and too busy for your wife.

I can sense that someone is making resolves to deliberately answer his wife’s question by saying to her, here am i my love, I will henceforth be with you to attend to every of your needs. But you need God to help you on that, if you don’t have a relationship with God, there can’t be a better time to start than now.

I celebrate you greatly.


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