When Love Turns Sour!

Show me someone who does not once in a while feels like having sex, especially a youth, and I will tell you that he/she needs help because such a person might not be Heath wisely, psychologically and maybe spiritually okay. I had to establish that fact to make you know that its not strange to be sexually aroused some times (the duration & occurrence varies with persons and also depends on so many factors) and, in fact, it will be strange if you don’t. Having said that, I need to emphatically tell you that sex is not love. But, of course, it could and should be used to express love, but make the mistake of wrong timing and I guarantee you that your love will become sour.

Being Romantically and sexually attracted to the person you are in love with is expected, but it is not expected of a mature and spirit controlled mind to gratify the urge at the wrong time, otherwise, the love turns sour. Shechem made that mistake, and he paid with his destiny.

Can you imagine a young man in an attempt to show how much he loves a lady, agreed to the request of the Lady’s family to have his prepuce amputated, can you imagine the pain he went through? Oh man! This guy was really in love.

But that actually led to his death and of his entire clan, because he defiled the glory, destiny and life of Dinah the Lady he had premarital sex with. (Genesis 34:1-29).

Premarital sex always makes love turn sour, it is a sin to God and your body, it defiles one’s destiny and glory, it kills joy, and have a way of ruining sexual enjoyment in marriage.
If you are not married and you are sexually active already, you need help, you need Jesus. Please run to him and he will not only forgive you but he will beautify your life once again.

I’m sure you know I love you.

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