The Two Reasons That Made Him Not Have Sex With Her!

I have come to discover that one does whatever one finds himself/herself doing because he/she, consciously or unconsciously have seen reason(s) to do it.

Likewise, one does not get to do some things because he/she had found reason(s) strong enough to let go of reasons to do such things.

The latter was what a particular young dude did to make him escape the provocative seduction of the beautiful wife of his boss. His boss’s wife found him sexually attractive and wanted him to have sex with her by all means, she was so consumed with the desire to have sex with him that she practically begged him, in fact, it got to a point that she attempted rapping the young chap (i hope you don’t mind me using the word rape, that’s how I can explain her extreme desire for him) but this guy wouldn’t just do it. Gen 39:6-15.

But why? Was it that he was not man enough? Could it be that he was not sexually aroused to the seductive moves of this sexy wife of his boss? Oh! May be he does not like sex or does not know how pleasurable it could be? I like to tell you that the answers to those questions is NO.

That young chap couldn’t just do it because;

1.He had an unbeatable regard for his boss
2.He had an unquestionable and unflinching allegiance and regard for God.

The first reason helped his ‘physical being’ to say no why the second reason helped his ‘spirit being’ to say no which ultimately empowered his physical being to flee, even though I guess he fled with an erection. Smiles… Was it not better?

All you might need to  have a purified sexuality as unmarried person is just to have two reasons not to have sex .

For me, the allegiance and regards I have for God and the respect i have for anyone I’m in Eros love with as an unmarried young man will just not permit me to agree with my hormones to do it.

But I need you to know that our regard for God is the factor that helps us overcome sexual temptations as unmarried guy and Lady.

Do you have a relationship with him? If not please do.

Will you please let’s all learn from you by sharing your own reason(s) for saying no to sexual temptations.

I love and celebrate you greatly.

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