The Three Students.

It is so interesting and intriguing to see the different reactions Christians put up when the message of grace is being taught. I’m not surprised to see people react to the gospel of grace differently, because ones reaction or response to a thing is largely based on ones perspective and understanding about it, and that is a direct result of the knowledge and information one has about that thing.

As we examine the story of the three students in relation to Law and Grace, I trust God to give someone understanding in Jesus name.

The Three Students:

  1. Paul was writing his final examinations and never got himself involved in examination malpractice until his last exam of which the invigilator caught him and all Paul was saying to beg the invigilator was that, that was his first time to be involved in examination malpractice which was true. But he was told that does not stop him from being a defaulter.

Some Christians have forgotten that someone who keeps all the laws except one is as guilty as someone who has broken all. The question is Can any one keep the whole Law? So many Christians, unconsciously try to keep their relationship with God by Dos and Don’ts. Which make them unconsciously reject grace.

  1. Philip was also writing his final examinations and he did all the malpractices he knew, he was not caught the first, second and the third day, this made him continue the fourth day, unfortunately, he was caught but for reasons best known to the invigilator he was forgiven. He did this through out his examinations because he felt he won’t be caught and if caught he can always beg. Unknown to him there was a camera in the Hall, he left school rejoicing, but never had a result when it was pasted.

So also, many Christians have taken grace as licence to sin, they have become stumbling stones for people whom Christ died for, brought shame on the name of God, they have forgotten that we can’t continue in sin and expect grace to abound.

  1. Philemon was also a final year student who also wrote his final examinations but never got himself involved in examination malpractices even though for reasons best known to the invigilator, he wouldn’t say a word against final year students doing all they can to help themselves in the exam Hall and couple with the fact that it was confirmed that there was no camera in that particular Hall.

These are the Christians that understand the Law, ordinances, commands but would rather surrender themselves to grace and run doggedly with the Principle of the Law and not the practice. They won’t use God’s grace and the freedom it gives to make people stumble. They are the balanced new testament believers who have taken grace in its totality.

How balanced are you, beloved?

I Love and celebrate you greatly.

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