The Subtle Meaning Of Premarital Sex!

A story was told of how Amnon, a skillful and handsome young man, who happened to be a Prince fell madly in Love with this beautiful Damsel named Tamar.

It was written all over him that something was wrong with him but nobody knew it was because he was obsessed with Tamar to the point that he became ill. One day, one of his friends came around and asked him, why do you look haggard morning after morning, Oh Prince?

I’m sure you could guess what his answer was, “I’m in Love With Tamer” Amnon replied.

Hmmm! How true was the answer he gave? You will soon find out.

I have come to discover that anytime we are sexually aroused and feel like gratifying that desire to have sex as unmarried individuals, we tend to link it up with love, forgetting that sexual desire is a biological phenomenon which naturally occurs without necessarily being in love with any one.

To conclude the story, one thing led to another and Amnon had premarital sex with Tamar and we were told that he then hated her than he had loved her, and of course that cost him his life.

See, the subtle meaning of every sex you have outside marriage is that, you are simply saying to him/her, I don’t respect & honour God enough to obey his principle that says sex should be done within the confine of marriage, and I don’t value you enough, so I don’t mind using you to gratify my selfish sexual desire since I’m not mature enough to exercise self control and I’m still a child that don’t know how to lead my emotions.

Mature minds don’t give and ask for premarital sex as a way of showing love, they would rather own up to the fact that they are sexual beings that gets aroused but will wait till marriage because they love God, you and themselves.

Staying chaste as a bachelor/bachelorette is possible.

I value and love you greatly.

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