The Old Testament Of The Bible Is Not For Genuine Christians!

Do you even know what testament means? Testament simply means covenant. The old testament is about the old covenant or agreement made between God and Israel, I mean the Nation of Isreal which is based on the law while the new testament is about the agreement made between God and his people which is based on Jesus death and resurrection.

If you are not an Israelite, you don’t have any business with the old testament. Because, the new testament church is under the Law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus.

Before I go further, I’m admitting that the title of this piece is a bit provocative, that’s because I want to make a point.

I like to announce to you very ┬áloudly that none of the Laws, rules, regulations, rituals, ordinances, commands, not even the ten commandments are for any New Testament Believer. You know why? The reason is because, those laws and commandments were not even for you in the first place, they are for the Jews, the Israelite, and moreover Jesus has come to fulfill (complete and obey) every single one of them on your behalf in case you might attempt to obey them which you can’t obey. The conditions of the old testament Laws not to hold sway over your life has been fulfilled by Jesus.

Do you even know that most of the blessings and promises we claim from the old testament are done on the strength of its condition being fulfilled, in that , whoever belongs to Christ is Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise. Sincerely speaking those blessings are not originally meant for us.

It aches my heart when people allow the devil to steal the Joy and happiness of their relationships and marriages with the issues of trousers for women, ear rings, make up etc.

Wait a minute, why did you think it’s a sin to put on trousers but it’s not a sin for you to come to church and even lead prayers and praises during your menstrual flow, If this is true, why will putting on trousers be a sin?

May be you don’t know that some Jews, up till now still celebrate pass over festival by slaughtering and roasting young goat on Givat Hananya, a nearby hill in Jerusalem, but you wouldn’t do that because you believe God has sacrificed Jesus as the pass over Lamb once and for all, yet for you, any lady that uses ear ring is not spiritual.

You can’t take some of the law and leave out some, for cursed is everyone who does not do everything written in the Law. The question is, can you even obey the whole law?

Instead of taking the Practices (culture, rules and commands) of the old testament while not take the Principles.

  1. Responsibility
    2. Accountability
    3. Decency
    4. Moderation

These are some of the principles that the law used to make the Jews sustain their relationship with God.

Those are also the principles Grace uses to sustain our relationship with God.

Beloved, you don’t have to get to heaven before you understand some truths and realities of who you are in Christ, you mustn’t get to heaven before you have eternal life.

Stop being guided by mere shadow (Law), the real thing (Grace) is here.

I desire that your relationship and marriage experience the Joy, happiness and freedom that grace produces.

I love you greatly and I feel like giving you a hug.

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