The Lesson I Learnt From What A Fish Seller Told Me.

I am sure you have your idea of what makes a man manly and ultimately what an ideal husband should be. There are some things a man does or says that to so many people, that makes him so unmanly.

Your choice of an ideal husband has been influenced by your father, other people’s fathers, your brothers, men you have known, stories you have heard and materials you have read. Your environment and background have informed you of what makes a man manly. But you might be so wrong if you don’t get to know God’s stands of what an ideal man and husband really is.

Some weeks back, I went to the market to get some stuffs, one of the items on my list was to buy fish. So I walked up to this woman selling fishes, pointed to the number of fishes I needed and asked for the price, she told me how much those fishes cost, so I bargained for a certain amount and she said no, then I told her madam, please, that’s how much I can pay.
She paused, looked at me and asked me a question, she said, are you married? Of course I said no, because I’m not married. As I was replying her, I was wandering why was she asking me such question. I haven’t gotten an answer to why on earth she wanted to know whether I am married or not when she said to me, your wife will enjoy you. She then sold the fishes and I paid and left her.

After i left her place, what she said kept replaying in my head. Someone I had barely spent 5 minutes with told me my wife will enjoy me, just because I used the word “Please”. That kept me thinking, it must really mean a lot to most women, if not all, I said to myself. I discover that most men and husbands find it difficult to use words like PLEASE, THANKS, FORGIVE ME, SORRY for their wives. We have been taught consciously or unconsciously that using those words makes us unmanly, portray us as weak men.

Don’t you know that you exude manliness, confidence, gentleness, kindness and love by sincerely and generously using these words in your relationship with people and most importantly your wife? Did Jesus not use these words for his bride (the church) even to the point of death?

This post is not about me, there are still other areas of my life I’m trusting God to help me with, a lot of them. But, I’m sure the message in the story is for someone. I sense God saying to someone, If only you can start lavishing your wife with these words, sincerely and genuinely, that friction and storm in your home will be over.

Will you start using these words for her?

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