The Doom Of Every Supplanter And Strange Woman!

One African adage says “that monkey that is wagging its tail while eating banana has totally forgotten that it’s that same sweet banana that will be its snare”.

This makes me wonder how easy it is for every supplanter and strange woman to forget that there is a great doom looming over her life and destiny. My heart cries anytime I hear of the havoc a supplanter or a strange woman has brought into a happy home and family, and I ask myself, does she not know that there is a pending and sudden destruction awaiting her?

I sincerely wish to know what supplanters and strange women think will be their end when they have turned the joy and happiness of other women into sorrow and sadness, when they had made some men not to have time nor care for their child(ren) again. Peradventure they don’t know, I won’t hesitate to inform them that a terrible destruction and perdition await them.

Who exactly are these callous and clueless set of women folks?

Hmmm! They were actually created by God to be women of honour and dignity, wonderfully and beautifully made, they were meant to be instrument of peace and joy to humanity, empowered and endowed to bring happiness to men folks. But something went wrong, they chose to be either supplanters or strange women.

Any Lady that explore the weakness & naiveness of her boss or benefactor to snatch or steal her husband is a supplanter. Prov 30:23.

What of a Strange woman? She is that woman or girl who is not instructed in the laws of God and consequently practice and encourage promiscuity. She takes the advantage of that man that lacks self discipline and self control. Prov 5:3.

My consolation is in the fact that sorrow and death is so certain for this set of heartless women. Prov 5:4-6, Mattew 18:6-9.

In as much as these devastating reward is sure for these kind of persons, the good news is that there is a way out, if only you can confess your sins to God and turn from them, then you will receive mercy. Prov 28:13. You don’t have to end your live in shame and death, God loves you than you can imagine, he wants you to decorate your life with glory and honour once again, why not give him a chance.

I love and value you so dearly.

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