The Agony Of A Disturbed Family

It was a scene, a very big one with people gathered in their numbers to sympathize, others to mock this family,  why some seized the opportunity to take a break from whatever they were doing to catch some fun and relaxation. It was the same incident that this family dreaded so much that happened again, an incident of shame and reproach that they have done all they knew how to do to put a stop to that ugly situation in their family, but to no avail.

It was a health challenge that has afflicted one of the sons in this particular family, whenever this boy experienced this health crises, he loses control, he got smashed to the ground, sometimes into the fire sometimes into the water depending on where he was when this embarrassing health issue caught up with him.

This issue do not only caused discomfort to the boy, it made him stop his education, it drained the finance of the family, yet nothing changed util one faithful day the father of this dejected poor boy met with the giver and restorer of life, and then he begged him to help his son, asking him if can, and then the restorer of life gave a very outstanding remark saying to him ‘if i can?’ He was amazed because the healing of the boy was largely dependent on them than it was on him, so he said to them, everything is possible to them that believed. I am more than willing, that was his response to them, however, he needed to know that if they can only believe and have faith, the child would be healed, and glory to God because the child was delivered by their faith.

I like to tell someone today that enjoying a change of story in that ugly situation is possible, marital bliss is attainable, that cry can turn to joy only if you will dare to believe and have faith in God. He is waiting for you to activate your faith. Stop wailing over that problem, act now.

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