Taking Responsibility

I literarily rushed into this meeting, tired, exhausted and very hungry, that was because I came in straight from work, I could not have waited a minute extra anywhere to relax and refresh myself, so, I rushed into the meeting with all my many issues.

As I stepped in to the meeting, I was welcomed by this blessed Lady with her placard conspicuously written on it ” You Are Welcome to ….” That placard made me feel I was the only one being welcomed amidst thousands of people in that meeting. I felt like a king that I am. Jesusss… I felt cool and good. What is it with this blessed female usher, was it just her smiles?

Her Smile was so heavenly, I literarily heard her say to me …. “You are tired & exhausted and to worsen the situation, there are no more seats at the moment, but I am assuring you, you won’t regret coming, in no long time from now, you will forget all your many issues you came with”.

That was not all, the smile was too real that I was till hearing her say to me, “the sacrifice of coming in tired and hungry and to stand a little while before you get a seat to sit, will worth it a hundred time”.

What could have made the difference, she was not the only one with placard, why was hers so special, why did it speak so much to me? I might not be able to answer these questions and peradventure I ask her, she might not even know why.

However, I am sure the answer is not far fetched from her smile, it was so real, so heavenly. I mean, how do you explain a smile of less than a minute communicate so much?

So, I went straight where she ushered me to stand waiting for a seat, just as her smile communicated that my standing will worth it, by the time seats were made available it was almost not my priority again.

True to what her smiles communicated to me, I had forgotten I came in tired, I had a blast in the meeting, Minister Theophilus Sunday and Apsotle Arome Osayi were greatly used of God in that meeting, it was electrifying, it was mind blowing, it was revealing, there was such an outpouring of the spirit, I was so blessed.

The highlight of that meeting for me was when Apostle Arome said “Men Are Creatures Of Prayer”. Could this also be one of the secrets of this blessed Usher?

Can I at this juncture ask you a question?

If I were not to be engaged to Royal Diadem, an amzing daughter of Zion, extremely blessed and perfectly beautiful woman of God, a fire – full and Spirit filled Lady, you need to meet her. What do you think I would have done as a bachelor after my experience with that Lady Usher?

You think I would have just let the Lady Usher go like that? Oh no, I won’t do such a thing.

I am sure I would have done three things;

1. At least I would have done everything possible to know her name.
2. I would have made plans to know her more by coming back to the church, ask questions about her from people.
3. I would have started praying in that direction.

Did you just ask “what direction”? May the Lord give you understanding. Smiles!
You see, the above three things I would have done is one of the ways to take responsibility for our marital breakthrough, please, you need to understand this. You have a role to play and God has his, when it comes to your marital success.

Start taking responsibility for your marital success.

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