Spirituality Is Not Enough For A Blissful Marriage

One beautiful evening in the month of June many years ago, a young beautiful Lady was enjoying the cool breeze of the evening in her Village as she was probably preparing to make dinner for her parents and siblings. Suddenly, a strange being came to her such that when she sighted the being and the being greeted her she was literarily shivering coupled with the strange message the strange being brought to her, that message was capable of cutting her heart into a thousand piece, a message that was strange enough to shatter her beautiful relationship with her love charming.

I bet you want to know what the message was, I will tell you, the message was that she was going to get Pregnant, that was strange and terrifying because in that custom the mere act of illicit sex attracted  death penalty talk less of pregnancy outside wedlock, and as a matter of clarity, the pregnancy was going to be by an invisible being, that was the height of her concussion and problem, how was she going to explain to her fiancé? Who will believe her? These were questions running through her mind.

I guess someone has read about the story before, if not let me know, I will give you the full gist because the story is not my major focus in this write up. My focus is, God needed Jesus to come into this world and he would rather make him come as a man through a woman, why on earth did he not just make him appear on earth, without putting any pressure on the relationship of that young Lady, because when it latter happened that she got pregnant and the young man asked her who impregnated her, she said she does not know, the man almost backed out of the relationship.

Among many reasons why God did that was because Spirituality is never enough to get things done when it has to do with the earth realm.

So my question is, why are people trying to be more spiritual than God especially when it cones to their marital life?

You are a Spirit being no doubt about that, that has a soul which houses the emotions, will and intellect and then you are contained in a body.

However, to run your relationship and home solely by your spirit is to sign up for a frustrated marriage, because you are in a realm where without the active involvement of your soul and body, your spirit can’t do much.

Do you not know that you need your intellect to make wise decision in this physical world? Who told you that Praying in tongues for hours will suspend your emotions? What made you think your body won’t crave to have sex with your intended spouse?

Start preparing for him/her on these three levels, not just your Spirit alone.

I mean, I know a young  man who already has a system of communication that will make his would be wife get him to attend to her sexual needs when it’s expedient for her to have him, irrespective of what he might be engaged with at that point, without her saying a word, all she need do is to put on a particular type and colour of lingerie he will be getting for her, when he sees her on that particular lingerie he said to me, “this must be an important and an emergency call, i must willingly and joyfully oblige her invitation”.

That’s been intentional about one’s marital bliss.

Let me say this to you, you can’t always use a spiritual means to achieve a natural matter.

I love and celebrate you.

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