Sex- Wow Or Drag?

Your willingness to answer this question with all sincerity and your ability to get an honest answer to the same question from your spouse will tell to what extend your marriage is the way the greatest lover (Christ) intends it. Most men would like to satisfy their wives but they are confused as to how to do it. Many women accept their role as a passive partner, taking pleasure only in the fact that their husbands are enjoying it. If that has been your case, I hope neither you nor your wife will be satisfied with that again, for not only is she being cheated out of something thrilling, but your enjoyment is lessened considerably because it is one-sided.

Sex is not just for baby making, it’s for pleasure, enjoyment, purity and preservation of your marriage.

As the man, do you desire a purified, pleasurable and pleasing sex life with your spouse? Then do these four things below and you would have successfully applied the principle of “Living to please ones spouse” Eph 15:1b, 1Cor 10:24

  1. Talk to your wife about your resolves not just to be a better husband but a better lover and ask her to be patient with you as you will no doubt make mistakes.
  2. You and your wife should read a good Christian book on the physical relationship of marriage, out aloud, together.
  3. Prepare her ahead of time, never make her think that you are using her for your own physical satisfaction
  4. Put your wife’s sexual needs before yours, she will appreciate your sacrifice by reciprocating same.

I need to tell you that you can’t practice this principle without self-control and patience and that can only be gotten by the help of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour. Accept him into your life now.

I celebrate you dearly.

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