My Advice To Him!

Caleb was known to be a committed and highly dedicated chap, He was a spirited young man, right from his secondary school days, he knew what he wanted in life and he pursed it with all seriousness that he almost did not have friends.

Caleb got to the University and he continued with the way he lived his life in secondary school, always serious and committed to anything he did, but along the line he got attracted to Aminat, so they became friends.

Caleb was not just attracted to Aminat because she was a serious and committed young Lady, but because she was also a nice, caring, honest, kind and selfless lady, she was a lady of integrity and character, above all, she was a beautiful lady.

Without any doubt, she was going to be a good wife and mother, Caleb said to himself. Obviously, Caleb had started developing some feelings for her, could this be love? He asked himself.

He eventually decided to take the friendship to another level by proposing to her, but here was the challenge, himself and Aminat did not share the same religious belief, Aminat do not believe that Jesus actually died and resurrected the third day and that he is the truth and the life, the only way to the father (God), but here was Caleb who do not only believe but also preaches it.

So, that made him not to proceed with his proposal, but he wanted to know my view about it, and I told him not to propose to her because they don’t share the same spiritual belief and values.

Would you have advised him otherwise?

Please share your view with me.

I value and celebrate you immensely.

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