Making Your Romantic Relationship A Thrilling And Blissful One This Year

Just like you will intentionally do some personal evaluation on some key areas of your life such as finance, career and heath, of course, spiritual life too, since you are a spiritual person, to know how well you progressed and the mistakes you made since the beginning of the year in order for you to avoid such mistakes and improve on things you did right in the coming year, you must also consciously do same with your relationship to make it a thrilling and blissful one in 2019.

Pay Attention to these Truths if you so desire a blissful relationship;

  1. Deep And Unfailing Love: How I wish that you can comprehend the kind of love that existed between Adam and Eve and then covet it. As much as what They both did in the garden of Eden brought the sinful nature of humanity, we must apply the Law of Polarity into what transpired between them, the law states that everything has an opposite.

There is something we can learn from them if you can just stop blaming them for the evil you think they made befall humanity.

Do you know that it was Deep Love that made Eve gave Adam, her husband that fruit to eat? She ate it because she wanted to be a god, to become wise, Love wouldn’t allow her to gain this attributes (even though she already had what she was looking for by eating the fruit) all alone, she also desired that her husband became wise and be a god, so she gave him to eat.

You might be surprised to know that Adam was never deceived at all; neither by the serpent, with whom he never conversed; nor by his wife, he knew what he did, when he took the fruit from her and ate it. He took it and ate it out of Deep and unfailing Love to his wife, from a fond affection to her, to bear her company and that she will might not die alone. Wow! He practically sacrificed his life for his wife. 1Timothy 2:14.

These are my questions to you;

  1. To what extent can you go for your spouse?
  2. What can you not sacrifice for your spouse?
  3. How well do you love your spouse?
  4. Dear Bachelor and Bachelorette, will you still love him/her this much once you are married?
  5. What do you think he or she can do that will make you stop loving her even when you are married?
  6. Will you intentionally developed a deep and unfailing love for your spouse/intending spouse this coming year?

Thank God you made it to see this year, it’s an overwhelming consolation that God is not through with you yet, he’s supper interested in all that has to do with you particularly your romantic relationship.

Enjoying a blissful and thrilling relationship gives God great joy, so he’s ready to make everything within his possession conspire to make you enjoy great relationship that will lead to blissful marriage and cause your home to be heaven on Earth.

But the issue is, will you allow him? Will you corporate with divinity? If yes, you must understand this truth;

2.Unflinching Commitment: Having understood that the first truth to having a blissful relationship this year is for you to take your real you (your spirit man) a priority in making decisions, especially to choose who to get married to, being a spiritual individual, you can’t make the mistake of marrying someone who don’t have a heathy relationship with God through Jesus Christ the son of God.

Once that is settled, you must be deeply in Love with him/her, you should be unable to fathom what he/she might do to you that will reduce your love for him/her. That’s the kind of love you need this year, Eros love from Agape kind of love.

Now, you need to have unflinching commitment to your spouse/intending spouse. Have you ever wondered what kind of relationship Ananias and Sapphira had with each other? I’m seeing unflinching commitment, a marvelous togetherness in their union. I refuse to only see their deceptive scheme, lies, and attempt for recognition that they are known for. I’m not excusing or justifying their sins, but at the same time, I won’t sweep under carpet the unflinching commitment and togetherness they had for each other.

If you will be more committed to your spouse/ intending spouse, boost your togetherness, be more transparent to each other, you will have no cause not to enjoy a blissful and thrilling relationship with him/her.

First thing first, you need to start a relationship with God if you have not done so before. Just tell him you need him as your Lord and Saviour.

Happy New Year, have a thrilling and blissful 2019.

I Celebrate and Love you deeply.

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