Lady, Why Say No, When You Know You Will Still Say Yes?

Every Living soul desires to be loved, cherished, appreciated, celebrated, valued, loved and cared for, and of course, we have the right to desire all of those because we deserve it. Do you know why? Because we are made in the image of God, beautifully and wonderfully created.

If you value, celebrate and love people only because of their status, positions and what you benefit from them and not with the fact that they are humans made in God’s likeness, then, you need help, you need an urgent reorientation.

In as much as it’s a settled fact that we all deserve to be valued, I still have challenge with the way most ladies get guys to know their worth and the way some guys expect Ladies to show how valuable they are.

Can you imagine a Lady saying the reason she said no to the marriage proposal of a guy she knows too well ( either by revelation, discernment, intuition, etc) that he is the one even before he came to her is because she does not want to appear cheap to him by saying yes instantly or within a short period, and also she wants to know if he truly loves her as he claims by giving him a hard time.

Lady, stop being immature, once you have ascertained by every means both physically and spiritually that he is the one, even if it’s two days after he proposed, go ahead and say that yes.

Mr Husband to be, if you are still of the opinion that any lady that says yes to your proposal immediately or within a short interval of your proposal is a cheap Lady, if giving you hard time is what validates her worth to you, then, you don’t even deserve her in the first place because you ought to have known her value and worth before proposing.

If these things below are in place, I see no reason not to say or expect a yes at any point, even if it’s immediately;

  1. If you have ascertained the kind of person he/she is.
    2. If his/her person can make the kind of marriage and home you desire a reality.
    3. If you have gotten a go ahead from God by any means he speaks to you.

What’s your thought on this?

I love and celebrate you greatly.

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