It Is Not Yet Over!

She had suffered from a discharge of blood for twelve years, she had spent all that she had, gone to every single place she was introduced to, yet her situation never improved. I can imagine the level of emotional and physical energy it cost her to stay alive all through that horrible period of her life, how about the rejection, shame and reproach she experienced? The fact is, she had every reason to let go, but she wouldn’t just, she kept saying to her self, ‘there is still hope’, ‘it’s not yet over for me’. She kept looking out for that one step to take that will make her desire a reality.

I can imagine her confession being ” Even if you slain me or seem to delay me, I will never let go” Just like Job confessed. So, when she heard that Jesus was passing by, she ran out to meet him not minding the bullying and abuses she got from the crowd as they perceived that horrible smell from her, for she had told herself, if only I can touch his garment, I shall be whole.

Beloved, sometimes life give us reasons which seems justifiable enough to let go, give in and give up, never buy into it. Your best is on the way, God is not giving up on you, so you must not give up on yourself. I pray for that home that need restoration, that woman expecting the fruit of the womb shall rejoice soon, God will cause that bachelor and bachelorette to rejoice soon in the name of Jesus.

I love and celebrate you.


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