It Is Either He Is A Good Man Or A Bad Man.

I wouldn’t know what your definition of a good man is, I don’t know the parameters you base your definition on, how i wish i know the standards you think a man must meet for him to be qualified to be called a good man.

What of being a teacher? How do you define a good teacher? Oh yes, everyone could claim to be a teacher, but how do you spot out a good one? What do you look out for when a teacher teaches for you to acknowledge him as a good teacher?

Knowing a good prophet is not left out too, how do you define who a good prophet is?
What must he say, do and even act for you to believe him as a good prophet?

People said he was a good man,they must have seen convincing evidences to say so, they called him a great teacher, they said the wisdom with which he taught was outstanding, they even said he was a Prophet, in fact, they said he was one of the greatest prophet the world has seen.

But here comes the big question, why then didn’t they believe him as the SAVIOUR?

I’m sure whatever your definition of who a good man is, it will revolve round these words; VIRTUOUS, MORALLY RIGHT, HOLY etc., Which of course makes your definition of a good man accepted.

It then means that if you believe someone is good, he wouldn’t lie about himself to you, right?

Why then will you not believe him when he says;

2.He is the way the truth and the life, the only way to God
2. He was crucified, died and resurrected to live forever.

His name is Jesus and he is sooooo much in love with you, he said it and demonstrated it, why would you not be his Lover?

If there is no reason for you not to be, say this prayer, Jesus I know you love me, died and resurrected, accept me as your child. Amen

I value and celebrate you greatly.

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