Is Your Relationship A Healthy One?

A healthy relationship is one in which you enjoy health and vigor of body, mind and spirit. It’s a kind of relationship where the two people in it are intentional about the growth and development of one another. They see to it that they play by the principles governing a godly relationship.

A healthy relationship is made possible by wisdom and it is defined as the full expression of an understood knowledge about a thing or subject matter (relationship).

Answer these questions and you will know how healthy your relationship is;

  1. Why are you in the relationship? If you two are sexually active as unmarried singles, then you don’t know why you should be in a relationship.
  2. Who Am I In This Relationship With? If the person is someone who has not mastered how to lead his/her emotions, don’t have self control, feels that there is nothing wrong in premarital sex, he/she sees it as a way of expressing love, then you are in a relationship with someone who don’t know what it takes to build a healthy relationship.

A healthy marriage is largely dependent on how healthy your relationship is now, and your relationship is the product of how knowledgeable the people in it are.

If you desire a blissful & healthy marriage, you need to both sit and give the right answers to the above questions. If he/she don’t have answers to the questions, then, you might need to stop the relationship at least for the main time, to allow him/her find answers, and if he/she can’t still get the appropriate answers, then, it’s advisable to move on without the person.

I value and love you greatly.


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