Is Your Love Sweeter Than Wine?

Love, Hmm! The word love, like any average youth, gets me intrigued. Love is a beautiful thing, an experience that every living soul desire and of course deserve.

Love is peradventure the most powerful concept, no, let me call it force that probably exist. Persons do daring, challenging and sometimes foolish things all because of this four letter word- love.

I’m talking about Eros (romantic and erotic) type of love. That passionate and intense love that arouses romantic feelings, that feelings that makes you say to the opposite sex, I love you.

Wait a second, can I really ask you this, is your love sweeter than wine? Can those you have claimed to love say that your love is sweeter than wine?

After that Jewish maiden tasted Solomon’s love for her, she said “kiss me and kiss me again, for your love is sweeter than wine, she continued by saying his left hand is under my head, and his right arm embraces me” SOS 1:2, 2:6.

Won’t you rather want to know how and what made her said Solomon’s love was sweeter than wine?

She got to know because Solomon’s Eros(romantic) love for her was from the Agape (sacrificial & unconditional) love.  They both waited for the right time.
“Promise me, o women of Jerusalem not to awake love until the time is right” Sos 2:7. That was the Jewish maiden talking, they both waited till after marriage before the kiss and ultimately before the sex, thereby making their Love sweeter than wine.

Dear youth in Love, nothing spoils and turns love into a bitter and sour experience than premarital sex. I dare you to wait for the right time. I will, will you?

I value and love you deeply.

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