How To Have A Forever Honey Moon Experience!

Honey Moon is that period when newly weds have thrilling euphoria and amazing connectedness for each other, having no barriers nor feeling of embarrassment in exposing themselves to each other which make them enjoy a purposeful and productive social, spiritual and physical (sexual) relationship. Genesis 2:23-25,4:1.

For me, the above definition describes what honey moon means. It’s deeper than luxury we get into, it has little to do with where and how much couple spend in the name of honey moon.

But, in reality the real issue is not having this overwhelming joy and pleasure as newly weds at least even if it’s for days, most couple had that, the challenge is how to have it as a Perpetual experience as couples.

How then can i have a forever honey moon experience?

  1. Understand the Law of creation: It sates that if you can’t think or see it, you can’t have it. Your ability to deliberately see the image before it exists is key. If I must experience honey moon that goes beyond weeks and months into years, I must start creating it now with the power of imagination. If only I can desire it so well then I will have it because the desire of the righteous shall be granted. I can’t settle for less, for as a man thinks in his heart so he is.
  2. Marry Right: If I will experience a forever honey moon, I just have to marry right. It’s imperative I marry the right Lady. Now, marrying right is not synonymous with marring a perfect Lady/guy and marrying right is not as difficult as we have been taught, God’s will for you in marriage is not in any way important than any of his will for you. Know who God has made you to be (purpose discovery) and work on your self, do away with dis-empowering thoughts and negative attitude, inculcate empowering and worth while values because your values and who you are is what you see in people and you are unconsciously attracted to. Don’t be scared of marrying the wrong person so that what you fear most won’t befall you, ask God to lead you into his will for you and be prompt in acting in faith because anything done out of faith is a sin.
  1. Understand Money: My understanding of money is very key. I must be aware that it’s a necessary messenger to send on an errand to get the basic needs of life. I must know & accept that it’s godly to have money thereby create a source of steady inflow of it into my purse and that my wife does the same, so, irrespective of who’s purse the money is, it is ours to send on an errand to make our home comfortable to be.
  2. I Must Understand Romance & Sex: It’s imperative for me to know that romance is doing and saying what makes her to be loved, cherished and accepted and that sex is of God, meant primarily for Bonding, pleasure then procreation. And know that my enjoyment lies in how much she enjoys it, so, I’m committed to her enjoyment, honour and respect her in my physical relations with her, and that if I can do this, automatically she will reciprocate same. And I must understand that sex is a skill that must be learnt and the learning begins the night of our wedding, rehearsing, practicing and teaching each other. And that any sexual adventure I embark on now as a single guy is a direct insult and dishonour to God and my would be wife.

5. Know God: Its imperative for me to know that without God I can do nothing including having a blissful home, I   must know that I’m powerless and useless without him, for if the Lord does not build the house, the labourers    labour In vain. So, I must deliberately accept the life of his son, Jesus and make him my Lord and saviour, I encourage you to do same if you have not done that before.

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