God’s Will In Marriage Is Not Important Than Any Of His Will For us.

A large proportion of the Christian folks have been indoctrinated consciously or unconsciously to believe that God’s will in marriage is important than any of his will for us in any other areas of our lives. This has made God’s children approach their marital lives with great CAUTION in order not to miss Gods will which in reality it is FEAR in disguise in most cases. Which eventually made most people missed it.

I need you to know that Gods will means his mind concerning anything, what he – wants, wishes, pleases, likes, chooses, enjoins, desires, see fit and intends for you & intends you to do at any point in time.

The consequence(s) of getting it wrong in marriage is not greater than consequence of getting it wrong in any other area of our lives…..

Oh yes! You read well. For example, Gods will for someone about a trip could be don’t go and he goes, that MIGHT lead to his demise but if he gets it wrong in marriage, he could still by God’s mercy get his home and marriage right.

Examples abound in the scripture to confirm how severe the consequences of missing Gods will in less important area of our lives so to speak could be fatal than missing his will in Marriage.

I challenge you to approach your marital life with faith in the word, trust in God’s love and confidence in the leadings of the Holy Spirit, just as you do in other area of your life and I can tell you that you can’t miss it marritaly.

I’m sure you know I value and love you deeply.

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