Gods Will For You In Marriage Might Not Be revealed Through Spectacular Moves!

Some years back, I was in a meeting organized by one of Gods generals, a Professor by profession and an Apostle by calling, where a woman was giving a testimony of how God revealed his will to her concerning who she was to marry.

The woman was in the meeting the previous year, when the Man of God prayed for those trusting God for spouses, she had been believing God for that miracle for so many years.

The man of God said to them they will have testimony in the next meeting She believed the pronouncement of the man of God and God honoured his words.

I’m sure you want to know how God answered the prayers.

Oh yes! the way God answered her was extremely strange. After leaving the camp meeting, an Angel appeared to her in the vision of the night and dictated a phone no to her and told her that was her husband’s no, she woke up and wrote it down, praying and waiting for the next thing, according to her she did not call that no but saved the number on her phone.

After some weeks, her phone rang and she was about to receive the call when she noticed it was the no she was given in her dream that was calling. Wow, at that juncture, I was left in great awe of our Lord who is the Lion and the Lamb. The man also got the Lady’s no in a vision of the night. To cut the story short, as at the time she gave the testimony, they were married.

Hmmm! That’s what we call spectacular ( impressive, striking & dramatic) move of God.

But do you know what? Inasmuch as God does that when he wishes, it is not his usual or normal way of leading, guiding and communicating his children, stop waiting and demanding for spectaculars because you might wait

The woman, never prayed for spectaculars and never waited for it.

He is ever ready to lead and instruct you primarily through inner witness and and his word, by the help of his spirit in you. Then audible voice, dreams and vision which will still be subjected to the word.

Acquaint yourself with the master and you will get to know how he speaks to you.

I value and celebrate you.

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