Getting Your Marriage Blissful again

I honestly might not be able to pinpoint what the challenge is, and what you are going through currently in your home and marriage, I might not  even be able to tell how long it has lasted, how drifted apart you two have become and the toll it has taken on your children. However, there is something I know and persuaded of and that is the the fact that you can get your marriage blissful again. I need you to know that everything answer to principles and laws, if you understand and apply the principles that blissful marriage answers to you will see it happen in your marriage and home.

There is a timeless principle in the book of Hebrews 10:24 it says “ And let us consider how we may spur one another on towards love and good deeds”. That is it, you got to be so intentional and deliberate about making your marriage work again, if you can understand the principle of spurring to love and you apply it, you will be amazed at the result it will give you.

What this principle entails is that you  intentionally consider, think and analyze what to do or say or what not to do and say that will spur (provoke, encourage) your spouse towards love. See, love don just happen, you make it happen, stop waiting for issues to sort out themselves , it might not happen, be intentional, get to work, think and meditate on how to spur him/her towards love.

The principle of spurring to love thrives on the strength of;

  1. Understanding: Be deliberate to find out what went wrong with your marriage, what led to what went wrong, at what point did it start, then how can you curb it?
  2. Sacrifice: What must you put in place or let go to avoid anything and everything that steal your blissfulness, what must you sacrifice to lay hold of your joy and peace?
  3. Creativity: You need to think, engage your creative mind, what can you do that will make your spouse happy, loved and cherished?
  4. Patience: Patience is a virtue, as you take the first three steps above, wait patiently and calmly and you will definitely see the result. The blissfulness will be restored.
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