Don’t Loose Your Identity In The Name Of Love!

I like you to know that there is an indispensable principle you must apply on your journey to having that glorious and blissful marriage and home you so desire and deserve.

Not taking cognizance of this principle leads to unrealistic expectation of the kind of guy/Lady you will be expecting as a future partner which will in turn be the beginning of marital frustration.

This timeless principle is called the principle of compromise and it simply means the settlement of differences by consent reached by mutual concessions or simply put, to find a way between extremes.

I’m sure that the man or Lady you want for a future partner is the one that is spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, financially and sexually okay. A perfect gentle man with all the physic or an angel with a perfect figure, yet, homely. Of of course who does not desire such, I also do.

The good news is, you can have a partner with all these qualities but let me disappoint you by saying it is impossible to have a guy/lady that is hundred percent okay in each of these areas.

So, what makes the relationship work when he/she is wanting in an area is compromise, your ability to let go of some things and accept the reality at hand is essential.

It’s childish of you if you can’t compromise on some mundane things and some area in his/her life to have that blissful relationship you desire and it’s also selfishness, self centeredness and foolishness that will make you want that Guy/Lady to compromise in such a way that he/she looses his/her identity, values and beliefs all in the name of love and relationship.

Below is an example of what i’m trying to say;

You don’t think you can go on marrying her though she is your kind of Lady except that she won’t agree with you that she can go to church without covering her head, yet, it was because of you she stooped using head tie every minute of the day.

She believes it’s not a sin to use attachment  and relaxers but because of you she compromised and started using wool to make her hair, yet you are not satisfied except she starts making that her stubborn natural hair like that. Is it that you don’t know that compromise is mutual?

This is the rule, as Man/Lady you must be ready to compromise in a relationship but be ready to run when you are about loosing you in the process.

I value and love you greatly.

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