Control Or Connection!

The realities and experiences, either good or bad you see or hear about married folks is as a result of their thought patterns, belief system and things they practice in their homes which they learnt consciously or unconsciously when they were still singles.

Hence, the need for you to consciously imbibe positive thought patterns and beliefs now that you are unmarried . You can have control or you can have connection with your intended spouse, but you can’t have both. So, which will you go for?

Control means to exercise influence or authority, suggest or dictate the behavior of your intended spouse.  As much as this might sound fair enough especially for some male folks, that’s not how God intends relationship to be done, going by this choice will always produce a friction filled relationship.

Remove the head coach, and the team flounders; break the fuel line, and the car won’t run; unplug the electrical appliance, and it has no power. Whether for leadership, ministry, business, life or relationship (particularly romantic relationship), Connections are vital.

What then is connection? In this context, connection is defined as feeling of understanding and ease of communication between Intended Husband and Wife.

The level of blissfulness, sweetness and love you will experience in your relationship is directly proportional to the level of the connection you have with your intended spouse.

Do these things and you are on your way to improving your connection with him/her:

  1. Understand what God, not religion expects from you in a relationship.
  2. Understand and work on yourself more, then mirror what you want to him/her.
  3. Understand him/her, learn to see things from his/her perspective objectively.

I love and value you greatly.


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