Are You In Love Or You Are Just Being Sexually Aroused?

It’s very pertinent for One to be able to answer this salient question and answer it with all sincerity and honesty, because that will go a long way to help develop a healthy and godly romantic relationship.

But sincerely, one can’t have an answer to that question if one does not even know that though being in love and being sexually aroused could be related, yet, they are two different things.

You must understand and admit that as a normal human being, God created you in a way that sometimes you feel like wanting to have sex, its as a result of some chemical(hormones) reactions in your body.

But unfortunately, when some persons start feeling sexually aroused, they tend to think they are sinners, freaks or they are in love, which in most times is not true especially when the feelings to have sex is natural and not nurtured.

We will talk about that subsequently, till then, I’m leaving you with this question “when you say you are in love with him/ her, are you sure its not just that you feel like having sex”?

I value and celebrate you greatly.


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